Training and Instruction


Individual classroom training courses require pre-registration and pre-payment.  If you are unable to attend a class you have registered for, you have the one-time option within 90 days from the time of registration to register for another class date except:

  • Discounted Courses or Courses sold by third parties, including radio & TV stations (i.e. Sweet Deals, Half Priced Hook Ups, Groupon, etc.)
  • Special Event or Single Event Training Courses
  • Family Fundamental Course
  • Private Instruction or Coaching
  • Specialized individual or group training specifically arranged for you or your group.

No refund will be issued for gift certificates redeemed for training courses due to price changes through price adjustments, re-pricing by SIA, LLC or promotional offers.

Firearms and firearms training includes certain inherent risks to the participants.  While SIA Firearms (SIA, LLC), its employees and instructors make every reasonable attempt to minimize these risks, by participating in our training and instruction, the participants agree to waive all claims for injury, illness, impairment (whether physical, mental or emotional) or death arising from any training or activity conducted or attended by SIA, LLC, its agents, employees or instructors arising from any action or inaction on the part of SIA. LLC, its agents, employees and instructors. 

In any training situation, at the discretion of SIA, LLC or its instructors, any individual in a training class that behaves in an unsafe manner, or cannot complete the training to the satisfaction of SIA, LLC or its instructors or meet the standards set by the licensing or certification organization will be asked to immediately leave the training and will forfeit their tuition.

For the consideration of others, course attendees are expected to arrive to their scheduled class on-time and ready to participate.  At the discretion of the instructor, any attendee who is more than 15 minutes late to class or unwilling or unable to properly participate may be rescheduled to another course offering or may forfeit their course fee for a one-time course. 

Sales, Returns & Exchanges


All firearm and ammunition sales are final.  We cannot accept any returns on firearms or ammunition.  All firearms are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.  We can assist you with the return process but ultimately, any problems or defects with firearms is the responsibility of the manufacturer to resolve in keeping with their warranty.

We will accept returns or exchanges within 30 days of purchase on all other merchandise with verified proof of purchase.  Refunds will be issued in the manner of the original purchase or otherwise at the discretion of SIA. LLC. 

No returns or exchanges will be accepted on gift certificates, class tuition, items for personal use (including clothing, eye & ear protection), sale, clearance, special order, special purchase or any item marked final sale. 

Gift Certifcates

Gift Certificates may, at the discretion of SIA, LLC, require proof of purchase for validation.  Gift Certificates are valid from one year from the date of issue or the stated expiration date on the certificate.  No refunds will be given on gift certificates or certificates for training whether pre-paid certificates or promotional certificates.

Layaways require a minimum of 10% as a down-payment with complete payment within 90 days.  Layaways are refundable or transferable to another item, except:

  • The initial 10% down-payment is non-refundable.
  • All payments are non-refundable on sale, clearance, or special order items.

Payment is expected on layaways every 30 days throughout the layaway period equal to 1/3 of the unpaid balance. Failure to do so, or to fail to satisfy the balance on the layaway in its entirety within 90 days from the date when the item was placed on layaway will cause the layaway to be in default of our layaway terms.  SIA Firearms (SIA, LLC) may then, at our discretion, choose to:

  • Add a surcharge equal to 5% of the total original retail price of the layaway and extend the layaway period for another 14 days, or
  • Refund by store credit 80% of all payments made, less the original 10% down payment and return the item to store stock for sale.

After SIA Firearms has attempted to contact a customer regarding a layaway that is in default, SIA Firearms will assume after 14 days of not being contacted regarding the layaway that the customer has no further interest in purchasing the layaway.

Special Orders

Pre-paid special orders are refundable after a 10% restocking fee and any shipping charges incurred by SIA Firearms.

Other Terms
SIA, LLC is not responsible for misprints or errors in any advertising, post, or signage.

By shopping in our store you are agreeing to have your name, image and likeness used in our advertising and marketing either through print, television or other electronic means and release SIA, LLC from all limitation on the use of your name, image or likeness and for any claim for compensation for said use.

​These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Contests and Giveaways

 By participating in any contest or giveaway held by SIA Firearms (SIA, LLC) through any means, whether in person, in our retail store, through our website, through social media or any other means whether written or electronic, the participants agree to abide by the terms stated herein.  Furthermore, by participation, the entrants agree to waive any rights to any other legal recourse to settle any disputes arising from their participation or SIA, LLC's conduct in the event.

All contests and giveaways are offered within all local and state laws, where applicable. Void where prohibited.

All winners will be notified by the social media where the event was originally posted or by telephone or email.  Winners have 24 hours to respond or until the close of the next business day for SIAF, whichever is greater.  If a winner is non-responsive within the required time frame, an alternate winner will be chosen and the original winner will forfeit their prize.

SIA Firearms (SIA, LLC) may, at their discretion, impose restrictions on who may qualify to win any contest.  Among these qualifications may be the ability to legally purchase the item being awarded, residence in the State of Tennessee or in East Tennessee, prior social media interaction, prior retail transaction history with SIA, LLC or employment within the firearms industry with a vendor, trade partner or competitor of SIA Firearms.

In the case of contests involving the transfer of firearms requiring a State or Federal Background Investigation or transfer fee, the winner will be responsible for paying the cost of the background check, TICS fee, and all applicable transfer or tax stamp fees.

By shopping in our store and participating in our contests and giveaways, you are agreeing to have your name, image and likeness used in our advertising and marketing either through print, television or other electronic means and release SIA, LLC from all limitation on the use of your name, image or likeness and for any claim for compensation for said use.

The decisions of SIA, LLC in all matters relating to the rules and prize awards is final.

By participation in any contest, drawing, promotion or giveaway held, run or sponsored by SIA Firearms (SIA, LLC) the participants agree to abide by these terms and conditions and waive all rights to any claims, arbitration, litigation or legal action to resolve any claim or action against SIA, LLC.