What We Do

Pistols and Revolvers

new handguns for sale

SIA has a Large Selection of

New and Used Handguns

We also have Collectible and Investment Grade Handguns

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Shotguns and Rifles

New shotguns and rifles for sale

Browning Shotgun and Rifle

Stocking Dealer

Selection of New and Used

Bolt, Lever, and Semi-Auto Rifles

AR-15 Rifle Room

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TN Handgun Carry Permit


TN Handgun Carry Permit Course - Classroom Instruction and Range Qualification

LaserShot Pro LE Firearms Simulator 

Realistic and practical firearms simulator. Laser Shot offers progressive training solutions for all skill levels. 

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Gun Safes

We have Security and Safety for your Firearms from Large Safes to Handgun Lock Boxes. Please keep your Firearms safe, secure, and locked up.

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We have a selection of Artisan and Custom Designer Knives. We are a Stocking Dealer for Chris Reeve Knives. We also stock MICROTECH and HOGUE Knives.

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Collectible Firearms

We have a selection of Investment Grade and Collectible Firearms. We have some very nice early Pistols and Revolvers from Smith & Wesson and Colt.

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SIA offers a wide selection of accessories for your firearms including:


  • Grips, magazines, stocks, scopes, lasers and other accessories
  • Ammunition and shooting targets
  • Firearms cleaning and maintenance products
  • AR Rifle parts, building kits and accessories
  • AR upper and lower receivers
  • Sights and Optics for Tactical and Precision Rifles and Handguns
  • Hard and Soft sided gun cases and range carry bags
  • Holsters both concealed and open carry and for a variety of carry options 

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Gunbroker Online Sales

We have Guns, Knives and other Products and Accessories related to Shooting Sports on GunBroker Online Sales and Auction site.

SIA Gunbroker Page

We have Special Events, Live Radio Broadcasts, Seasonal and Holiday Sales

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